Driving directions from Hays:

1. Take HWY 183 N to Locust Grove Rd.

2. Turn E.

3. Drive 6.5 mi (half a mile past 310th Ave). (Note: Hug the right side of the road on hills!!)

E.M.P. Fields will be on your left. See you there!


Optional directions from Hays (with more blacktop):

1. Take 27th St. to Toulon Ave.

2. Follow the directions from Russel from #2 on.


Driving directions from Russell:

1. Take I-70 to Toulon EXIT 163.

2. Turn N.

3. Drive 2.5 mi N. The road will curve to the E.

4. Continue 3 mi E to 320th (“Codel Rd”).

5. Turn N.

6. Drive 4 mi N to Locust Grove Rd.

7. Turn W.

8. Drive 0.5 mi.

E.M.P. Fields will be to your right. See you there!